Racing Schedule and Venues

Sailing Every Third Saturday of the month, March through November:

10:00am - Victoria

12:00pm - DF65/RG65 Affinity

2:00pm - ODOM/DF95/Seawind/Any One Meter

 Next Race Day of the Season 

#2 April 20th 

ODOM R2 May 4th

Weather Forecast at Bowie, MD
Weather Forecast at Columbia, MD 

Melford Pond

Google search:  16800 Science Drive, Bowie, MD

We typically park and unload on Curie Drive at the NW end of the pond.

Allen Pond

Columbia Pond

Google search:  8890 McGaw Road, Columbia, MD 21045

 **Numerous traffic light/speed cameras in the area close to the POND***

The Pond is on private property and may only be used for scheduled events. 

We wet launch our boats from a dock with firm ground, so water shoes or boots are nice.

Use sunscreen and bug repellant; there are some shade trees.

Eats are close by but not really close enough to walk.

ALL OTHER PONDS in Columbia are available for r/c boating unless other wise posted.