DF65 Region 2 Championship

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2021 DF65 Region 2 Championship Regatta Report

Region 2’s first DF65 Championship Regatta started with light winds which picked up as the day progressed. The Melford Pond in Bowie, Maryland proved an excellent venue and five states were represented. Dave Branning drove from New Jersey to serve as Race Director and provided great leadership. Maryland Model Yacht Club (MMYC) members swept the awards in this historic event taking all three of the beautiful crystal trophies.

Danny Thomas proved again why he is considered one of the elite sailors in the country, as he won nine of the eighteen races against a talented field. Dick White finished second with four bullets and Tom Walsh won three races. The competition was fierce, as there were many races where the fleet battled from start to finish in a tight pack. The 18 races seemed to fly by, as everyone enjoyed themselves.

This was one of those regattas where there was a lot of comraderies and good sportsmanship amongst everyone. The “Sail Wars” YouTube crew was filming and interviewing the racers, so look for some great videos covering this event. Mike Cavanaugh won the prestigious “Sail Wars Sportsmanship” award, as presented by MMYC’s first female Commodore, Koni Drummond and Sail War’s cameraman, Andy Barron.

A special “thank you” to all of our volunteers that made this event so successful! From the great comments I heard afterwards…this is a must attend event for next year! Well done, Skippers!

Summary of the 2021 DF65 R2CR, Red Chevrons

Date: September 25th

Location: Bowie, Md

Host Club: Maryland Model Yacht Club #205

Entries: 14

Winds: 1-5 mph

Races Completed: 18

Scoring: Low Point; with 3 throw-outs

Race Committee: Dave Branning, RD; Walter House, Head Score Keeper and Asst. RD; Carl Mott, Asst. Scorer and Rules Official; Sail Course, John Ebell and Steve Howard; Registration/Set-up Crew, Koni Drummond, Peter Katz and Kyle Russell.

2021 DF65 R2CR Results

Place Skipper Sail# Points

1 Danny Thomas 5 25

2 Dick White 828 40

3 Tom Walsh 38 48

4 John Ebell 59 61

5 Mike Rickels 14 70

Remaining finishers: Michael Campbell, Steve Howard, Mike Cavanaugh, Mari Spina, Alan Krusinger, Chris Carpenter, Kyle Russell and Bart Drummond.


2021 DF65 Region 2 Championship Skippers. The awards trophies are down below.

September 25th, 2021

Maryland Model Yacht Club, Columbia, Maryland

Race Director: Dave Branning

Scorers and Line Officials: Walter House and Carl Mott

Boat and Rules Official: Carl Mott, AMYA Certified Official

Race Course: John Ebell and Steve Howard

Registration and Food: Koni Drummond, Kyle Russell, Carl Mott and Peter Katz

Film: Andy Barron (Main Camera) and Koni Drummond (Interviews and Comments)

Location: Melford Pond

Fibonacci Fountain at Melford. Address: 16800 Science Dr. Bowie, MD . Picture Below.

Look for where the course is set up before unloading your boat.

More Information the NOR is above.

Region Two Competitors

Representing Maryland

  1. Tom Walsh #38

  2. Bart Drummond #777

  3. Dick White #828

  4. Alan Krusinger #78

  5. John Ebell #59

  6. Steve Howard #77

  7. Kyle Russsell #93

  8. Chris Carpenter #965

  9. Danny Thomas #05

Representing Pennsylvania

Mike Cavanaugh

Representing New York

Representing New Jersey

Michael Campbell #65

Representing Delaware

Competitors From Other Regions

Representing Florida

  1. Chris Dingle #30

Representing Virginia

  1. Michael Rickels #14

  2. Mari Spina #46


Bart Drummond, Region 2 DF65 Director (left) presenting Danny Thomas (right) with the beautiful crystal 1st place trophy.

Mike Cavanaugh(right) receiving the prestigious Sail Wars Sportsmanship Award.

Dick White (right) receiving his 2nd place trophy.

Tom Walsh (right) being awarded the 3rd place trophy.