2021 Capital Cup CVMYC

2021 Capital Cup

The 2021 Capital Cup DF65 regatta was held at Hagerstown City Park on October 2nd and was hosted by inaugural defending champion Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club (CVMYC). The event pits clubs from the area against each other in a team only regatta. The Cliffs Notes version is that the Maryland Model Yacht Club (MMYC) wanted the Cup, brought enough firepower to start strong, and then never relinquished their lead.

We were treated to fabulous early fall air temperature, but winds were mostly southerly and light. Cup rules only give points to the skippers’ clubs for the top 5 finishers of each heat. A total of 8 races are run with the last race being worth double points. We had a total of 14 entries from 3 regional clubs.

MMYC six entries jumped into the lead by scoring 1-2-3 in Race 1 and then repeated that in Race 2!! That gave them a huge 18-point advantage over 2nd place Menno Haven Model Yacht Club (MHMYC). MMYC then continued a dominating morning (Races 1-4) with 3 skippers in each of the top 5 places every race. At the lunch break their lead had swelled to 24 points over MHMYC. Host club CVMYC had a winch servo fail in the first race, so were down to 3 entries and were scoreless thus far.

After lunch MHMYC came storming back by winning the next 3 races. So going into Race 8, which is double points value, the lead was down to 15 with a total of 30 available. MMYC only needed to score 10 points to secure the overall victory, but the pressure was on. Bart Drummond was on a mission all day, as he finished second or higher in 7 of the 8 races and brought it home when needed with his third race win of the day! MHMYC was an impressive 2nd place winning 4 of the races. Host CVMYC trailed all day in third.

Congratulations Maryland Model Yacht Club- 2021 Capital Cup winner!!

-by Jarl Wathne

CVMYC Commodore


2021 Capital Cup NOR 2 October 2021

Maryland Model Yacht Club

Bart. D

Steve H.

Tom W.

Chris C.

Mari S.

Sangeet K.

Cumberland Valley Model Yacht Club

Scott S.

Jack A.

Khim B.

Ian H.

Northern Virginia Model Yacht Club

Menno Haven Model Yacht Club

Mike C.

Susie M.

Dean D.

Nick K.

Heritage Harbour

Not represented

Club Totals

5 pts for a 1st place finish, 4 pts for a 2nd place finish, 3 pts for a 3rd place finish, 2 pts for a 4th place finish and 1 pt for a 5th place finish. No pts for 6th thru 14th. The points were worth double for the 8th race.