2020 Awards

Commodore’s Achievement Award

A new award was given out for the first time. It’s called the Commodore’s Achievement Award. This award will be given every year to the member who exhibits the best combination of club spirit, volunteerism, and sailing enthusiasm for the previous season, as selected by the incoming Commodore. The winner for 2020 was John Ebell. Thank you, John, for all you have done for the club.

Class Champions

DF 65/RG 65 Affinity Class

1st Place: Bart Drummond (Center)- scored 109

2nd Place: Alan Krusinger (Left) - scored 104

3rd Place: John Ebell (Right) - scored 90 (Danny Thomas scored 89...just one point of a difference from John Ebell). That was a close race indeed!

"Any-One-Meter" Class

1st Place: John Ebell (Center)- scored 258

2nd Place: Steve Howard (Right) - scored 237

3rd Place: Tom Walsh (Left)- scored 235

Victoria Class

1st Place: Walter House (Center)- scored 324

2nd Place: John Ebell (Right) - scored 283

3rd Place: Tom Walsh (Left)- scored 236