Welcome to Model Yachting

Something for everyone!

Radio controlled model sailing is a hobby without limits. It includes design and building for the serious tinkerer, cutthroat competition for the adrenaline-addicted, and the pure eternal beauty of a vessel cruising along, powered only by the wind.

From models under 2 feet to 60 pound monsters with masts over 10 feet tall, model yachting has something for every taste.

The ideal hobby

Model Yachting is the ideal hobby. Properly cared for, boats last forever. A complete beginner can be handed a transmitter with complete confidence. Boats are easy to sail, typically with only a rudder and sail control. Yet the simplicity masks a complexity of skills which can take a lifetime to master. Above all, model yachting is fun, Pure fun. Model yachting is a quiet, photogenic, non-polluting pastime. You will never be thrown off a pond! Instead the person who comes up to you might have some of the same questions you have now, the questions that are answered here.

Where can I get one?

Our site has pre-owned boats for sale under the "Boats and RC Stuff For Sale" tab up top.

The hobby shops that are in your area or on line are the place to go for building supplies, boat kits or entire boats and radios. Some hulls have to be obtained from authorized manufacturers. 

How much does it cost?

Plan on spending at least $200 to $400 to get started in the hobby. This is relatively cheap compared to other radio control hobbies, and a lot cheaper than a full size boat!

Scratch-built boats can be made for considerably less, but even so will require at least a 2-channel radio, and a sail winch.

At the international competition level, some boats can cost over $3000 and are made almost entirely of carbon fiber.

Are there any races I can enter?

Yes. Maryland is one of the "hot spots" for model yachting in the United States. Most racing is restricted to certain classes, so it is important to pick a class that is well represented if racing is your interest. You do not need prior experience to enter, but getting to the finish line first will be a challenge!

What is the AMYA?

The American Model Yachting Association is the national organization for model yachting in the United States. They publish a quarterly magazine dedicated to model yachting, and oversee national and regional championships in over 20 classes of yachts. For more information on how to become a member you can visit the AMYA website .

Talk to others

Everyone and anyone with interest is welcome to come and ask questions or watch skippers race these elegant scale model yachts on any race day. So what are you waiting for?

Interested in Remote Control Sailboats??

Maryland Model Yacht Club (MMYC) is starting an introductory program for folks interested in model sail boating and racing.

Our basic premise is that the new owner can set sail with a decent size (30"+ waterline length), 2 sails, remote control sailboat for around $200. No building; no gluing; no soldering, We want the new skipper to be on the water and sailing within hours after the boat arrives.  The initial investment in time and money should be minimal.  MMYC doesn't want you to build, wire or make anything.  We just want you to enjoy r/c sailing like many of the current MMYC members

Even though there are numerous r/c sailboats being manufactured, there are a few r/c sailboats which satisfy these basic requirements.  Profits for the manufacturer are very small on these types of boats so continued production is the problem. However, we have identified good candidates and would be happy to guide you through the boat selection process.   

Once you secure your boat, volunteers from MMYC will work with you to set up your boat and conduct scheduled instructional “Pond” time during the sailing season.  We can discuss/show you proper trimming and tuning, the art of sailing and introduce you to some basic racing rules.

As a further incentive, MMYC will waive the annual dues for the first year that a new-to-r/c-sailboat skipper completes a MMYC membership application. 

Once you’re underway, the best way to test your sailing progress is to see how well you do against similar boats.  “Any two sailboats boats on the water always make a race!” We will be happy to guide you through this process as well.

So, If you’re interested, let us know; stop by the pond to talk or email mdmodelyachtclub@gmail.com  for more information. We are here to help!!