Volunteer List

Monthly Race Director list, 2023

March 18 - John Ebell

April 15 - Tom Walsh

May 20 - Alan Krusinger

June 17 - Steve Howard

July 15 - Kyle Russell

August 19 - Chris Carpenter

September 16 - Mari Spina

October 21 - Sangeet Khalsa tentative

November 18 - 

Quoting from our Bylaws:

Sect.4. The Race Day Team shall consist of one member at large responsible for setup and takedown of the race day equipment, plus one member at large to act as Race Director. The Race Director shall not race for the day. At the end of the race day, the Race Director will be awarded the same points score as the second place finisher for each class that they own a boat and regularly race.


Only the RD gets the second place finish, as that individual is not racing.  Anyone assisting with setup and takedown is expected to race as usual.

What is expected of RD:

What is expected of Setup: